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Menendez patch -- 2020 REISSUE


***EMERGENCY 2020 REISSUE!!!****
Goes on sale: Nov 1, 10am

You people wore me down. After many, many, MANY requests, I fired up my ol' embroidery machine and cranked out a few more of these. This is the only reissue I'm doing in 2020, so if you want to get it for a holiday present for a NJ politics weirdo, this is your chance!

There's a chance I might reissue it late in 2021 ****IF A CERTAIN SOMEONE DECIDES TO GRACE THE JERSEY CITY MAYORAL RACE WITH HIS PRESENCE**** but also, I am unreliable and flaky and prone to not following through on things, so who knows. But between my teaching schedule and the post office being weird, this is your only chance to get these by Holiday Season 2020. Buy them!!!

As a reminder: these are made one-at-a-time on my home embroidery machine, which is not meant to crank out tons of patches (it's meant for like, suburban moms to label their kids' underwear with embroidered initials so they don't lose them at summer camp). They're an absolute pain in the ass to make, the machine jams constantly, about 50% of them get tossed because the machine completely screws them up, and they are often funky and require me to cut a bazillion threads by hand and sometimes even go on and hand-embroider things the machine missed. Even though it's an edition, you are getting a one-of-a-kind item. There's a reason why I don't just make them all the time, as demand dictates.

So, it's because of this that (my husband) + (a certain journalist who used to work for the Jersey Journal) + (someone who may or may not be the editor of a very influential NJ politics news site and also host the NJ Power Hour on the radio) have urged me to raise the price. It is all of our faults collectively, and I feel weird about it but also I'm going to have a nervous breakdown over these patches otherwise.



This patch contains a quote from NJ Senator Menendez and oh my god people have gone insane over it. The patch has been featured in the Jersey Journal, Newark Star Ledger, WNYC, and News12.

About 4x4 inches. Iron on patch (yes it really irons on!!). I'm cranking these out on my embroidery machine as fast as I can. They take about half an hour to make and require a lot of hand working.

*Please note: if you are buying one to give to Sen. Menendez as a holiday present, someone already did that. Actually a whole bunch of people have done that. I beg of you, there is no reason for you to do that again.

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