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Robert Byrne/City Clerk patch


In a normal city, the job of the City Clerk would be to... oh, I don't know, make sure ballots that are submitted are legit and lightly preside over city council meetings. In Jersey City's case, Robert Byrne is the very possibly the only thing keeping this city together. Without him, every council meeting would be nine hours long (note: now, only a few of them are) and absolutely nothing would ever be resolved, ever. Easily one of the most respected JC government employees, Byrne rightfully has fans from all over the political spectrum for his fairness and grace under pressure. I'd hate to think what what this city would be like without him.

Robert Byrne, if you are reading this: you are awesome, and all of us in JC who care about fair and equal process respect you and think you're great, even if in the moment we're being carted off from a city council meeting. I couldn't imagine anyone doing this really difficult job better.