Ferals are friends tank top - Jersey City feral cat shirt


If you've been to the West Side of Jersey City, you've seen our cats -- hundreds of them, everywhere. They're feisty and tough and adorable -- some people hate them, but I am personally a big fan. I always thought Jersey City should market itself as "a free feral cat with every new move-in!" But since we're not doing that, here -- buy a tank top! Available in black or white.

50% of the proceeds of sales of this shirt will go to Companion Animal Trust (CAT!), a local group that does trap/neuter/release in our neighborhood. They are terrific and they do a great job looking after allllll our cats.

This is a 100% cotton t-shirt, drawn by Jersey City artist Amy Wilson and printed digitally. Each shirt is printed when it's ordered, so it takes about 3-7 business days to process your order and then ship. Then, it goes to you via regular mail. All told, please allow two weeks from order to receiving your product.

Shipping is $5. If you buy multiple shirts - oh, and you should! - it drops to 75 cents each additional shirt. Quite a bargain if you ask me!!

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