Some of the Animals in Lincoln Park (Jersey City) - toddler size t-shirts


Jersey City's Lincoln Park has a tremendous range of wildlife living in it. Cross over West Side Avenue and into the park and you're likely to catch a glimpse of one of our hawks, or rabbits, or groundhogs. There's many more animals that live there that I left off, but I just wanted to include my favorites and ones that I see quite often, as someone who is in the park every day.

This is a t-shirt for small children, drawn by Jersey City artist Amy Wilson and printed digitally. Each shirt is printed when it's ordered, so it takes about 3-7 business days to process your order and then ship. Then, it goes to you via regular mail. All told, please allow two weeks from order to receiving your product.

As a rule of thumb (and of course, all kids are different):
2T = two years old/30-33 lbs
3T = three years old/33-36 lbs
4T = four years old/36-40 lbs
5T = five years old/40-45 lbs

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