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The battle for the HCDO!

I'm making a patch of every elected official in Hudson County. I thought I'd get started here.

FRIDAY, JUNE 1 - free shipping!
Also, today is the ONLY day you'll be able to buy just the politico you want. This listing is for a set of patches of Fulop, Stack, DeGise, and DeGise. Don't like one (or more) of them? Well today is your lucky day - you can order just the patch you want for $5/free shipping for USA orders. Check out my other listings to order separately.

Each patch approx 2" x 2". Backed with iron-on backing so yes, you can just iron it onto fabric of your choice (patch will be adhered permanently if you do this). Drawn by me, embroidered by my machine, in Jersey City. I was rushing to get this up as close to noon as possible so I didn't get to cut out the DeGises yet but - yes, they're patches too. (updated pic coming soon)

(ps - I tweeted a pic of a card backing for this - it's not included right now. Yes, I got the date wrong and need to redo it. So I lowered the price a bit for the set and will offer it at another time.)

Sold Out